Subvertisments of UK government coronavirus propaganda

I've put these out on Twitter from time to time, here they are in one place, along with .xcf files compatible with the free and open-source image editing software GIMP.

Back to Work

Remember when they tried to nudge people back to workplaces? GIMP file (xcf)

Go Shopping

Don't worry, the virus doesn't spread in environments where one of our chums is making money. GIMP file (xcf)

Go to the Pub

I wonder what happens to social distancing after a few pints? GIMP file (xcf)

The Rule of 6

Try to avoid getting stuck in a 2m sided hexagonal lattice GIMP file (xcf)

Bridges to the air

Magical thinking! GIMP file (xcf)

It'll end in Tiers

Notional Lockdown GIMP file (xcf)