Kwiz Awgrym Kernewek

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Gwask 'Dalleth' dhe wul an kwiz!

Gorrewgh gorthyp yn bysies a-woles mar pleg:

Nivelow kaletter: Yn 'Es' nyns yw usys saw niverow 1-10, ha ny vydh gorthybow negedhek. Yma dhe 'Kres' niverow 1-20, ha marnasyansow a yll bos negedhek. Yma niverow 1-40 dhe 'Kales' hag yma dhe 'Pur Gales' niverow a-hys dhe 100. Possybl yw ynwedh dewis ynter kavos keworransow yn unnik, marnasyansow yn unnik, po kemmysk yntredha.

Gwask 'Dalleth' wosa chanjya an nivel kaletter rag dastalleth an kwiz.

Difficulty levels: At 'Easy' only numbers 1-10 are used and no answers are negative numbers. At 'Medium' there are numbers 1-20 and subtractions can have a negative answer. At 'Hard' there are numbers 1-40, and 'Very Hard' numbers up to 100. It is also possible to choose between getting additions only, subtractions only, or a mix of the two.

After changing the options, press 'Dalleth' to restart the quiz.