Yma kuntellyansow ‘Yeth an Werin’ pub mis po moy fenowgh yn leow dres Kernow, ha nebes leow erell. Junyewgh gans kernewegoryon yn diwotti ow kewsel warbarth yn Kernewek hag omlowenhe. Ottomma map anedha. Yma kalender anedha ha nebes hwarvosow erell yn kever an yeth po gonisogeth Kernow diworth MAGA Kernow. Gwelewgh ynwedh mappa klassow ha Yeth an Werin diworth www.learncornishnow.com.

There are ‘Yeth an Werin’ meetings every month or more often in places across Cornwall and some places elsewhere. Join some Cornish speakers in a pub, speaking together in Cornish and having a good time. Here is a map of them. There is a calendar listing them and some other events connected with the language or culture of Cornwall produced by MAGA Kernow. See also the map of Cornish classes and Yeth an Werin meetings from www.learncornishnow.com.

Javascript generated list of next Yeth an Werin events

Rol an nessa hwarvosow Yeth an Werin gwrys gans Javascript

These may of course change, or not take account of special circumstances e.g. Christmas, and please check Kalender Kernewek or contact the organiser if not sure.

The map above now uses the calculated dates in place of the manually updated dates in the Fusion Table.



PlaceLe Usual dayDydh herwydh usadow Date of next Yeth an WerinDydhyas nessa Yeth an Werin TimeTermyn AddressTrigva
HeamoorAn Hay 4th Wednesday4a Dy'Mergher dreckly 8:30pm8:30wh The Sportsmans Arms, Bolitho Road, Heamoor, Penzance, TR18 3EHArvow an Sportyas, Fordh Bolitho, An Hay, Pennsans, TR18 3EH
St. IvesPorthia 3rd Tuesday3a Dy'Meurth dreckly 8:00pm8:00wh The Cornish Arms, St. Ives Road, St. Ives, TR26 2PGAn Arvow Kernow, Fordh Porthia, Porthia, TR26 2PG
GwinearGwynnyer 1st Tuesday1a Dy' Meurth dreckly 8:00pm8:00wh The Royal Standard, Gwinear, TR27 5JLAn Baner Ryel, Gwynnyer, TR27 5JL
HelstonHellys 4th Tuesday4a Dy' Meurth dreckly 8:00pm8:00wh The Blue Anchor, Helston, TR13 8ELAn Ankor Glas, Hellys, TR13 8EL
PorkellisPorthkellys 1st Thursday1a Dy'Yow dreckly 7:30pm7:30wh The Star Inn, Porkellis, TR13 0JRAn Tavern Sterenn, Porthkellys, TR13 0JR
RedruthResrudh Last TuesdayDiwettha Dy'Meurth dreckly 9:00pm9:00wh Bridge Inn, Bridge, Portreath, TR16 4SATavern Pons Resulyan, Pons Resulyan, Portreth, TR16 4SA
TruroTruru 1st Wednesday (note new day - again)1a Dy'Mergher (dydh nowydh - arta) dreckly 8:00pm8:00wh The Wig and Pen, 1 Frances Street, Truro, TR1 3DNAn Peruken ha Pluvenn, 1 Stret Frances, Truru, TR1 3DN
St. AustellSen Ostel Every Monday morningPub Dy'Lun myttinweyth dreckly 10:00am10:00kh Rann Wartha (Wetherspoons), Biddicks Close, St. Austell, PL25 5EWRann Wartha (Wetherspoons), Klos Biddick, Sen Ostel, PL25 5EW
LauncestonLannstevan 2nd Monday2a Dy'Lun dreckly 7:30pm7:30wh The Bell Inn, 1 Tower Street, Launceston, PL15 8BQAn Klogh, 1 Stret an Tour, Lannstevan, PL15 8BQ
Albaston, GunnislakeTrevalba, Dowrgonna Last MondayDiwettha Dy'Lun dreckly 7:00pm7:00wh The Queen's Head, Albaston, Gunnislake, PL18 9AJPenn an Vyghternes, Trevalba, Dowrgonna, PL18 9AJ
CardiffKardydh 1st Tuesday1a Dy'Meurth dreckly 7:30pm7:30wh Y Mochyn Du, Sophia Close, Pontcanna, Cardiff, CF11 9HWAn Hogh Du, Klos Sophia, Ponscanna, Kardydh, CF11 9HW
LondonLoundres Every Thursday evening in the summerPub nos Yow y'n hav dreckly After the Cornish classWosa an klass Kernewek Hercules Pillars, 18 Great Queen Street, Holborn, London, WC2B 5DG
Nearest tube: Holborn
Kolovenyow Hercules, 18 Stret Meur Myghternes, Holborn, Loundres
An ogassa 'Bib': Holborn