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My CV is available for you to browse here if you wish.

My academic background is in astronomy, I studied Astrophysics as part of the Natural Sciences tripos at Cambridge, and then became a graduate student in Astronomy at the Institute of Astronomy. My work focused on what red giant stars in the Andromeda (M31) and Triangulum (M33) galaxies could tell us about their halos. In my thesis, I used spectroscopic data from the Keck II DEIMOS instrument, of red giant stars in the Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey. The aim was to study the radial velocities and metallicities of the Triangulum and Andromeda red giant stars, studying the mutual interactions of M31 and M33.

After a period working for Headforwards in database development, and on some Cornish local history digitisation work with Azook, I thought I would refocus on some more applied scientific work, so did another MSc at Aberystwyth in Remote Sensing and Planetary science.
I worked on assignments on various things including post-forest-fire analysis of Mount Parnitha in Greece, habitat modelling, and land-cover classification using Landsat images.

However the lure of space was too much and so I did my dissertation on Mars, focusing on past glacial landscapes in the mid-latitudes of Mars. I also made a tablet optimized version of the dissertation, using the suggested paper size and margin (6.125 inches by 9.25 inches, the size used by the US Supreme Court) at the LaTeX guide at Wikibooks for commonly used tablets and eBook readers.

Have a look at Aberystwyth PhD student Stephen Brough's website for some more information on Martian mid-latitude glaciers.

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