Skrifenn Unnek - Kernewek Jynn-Amontya 2 - Writing Eleven - Computer Cornish 2


02 May 2010 - MawKernewek

Piw a bren an jynn-tenna? - Who buys the tractor?
Piw a wela an pasti ma? - Who used to see this pasty?
Yw an kyttrin byghan? - Is the bus small?
Yw an jynn-tenna brassa? - Is the tractor larger?
A nyns yw an diwros berr? Isn't the bicycle short?
Yw an lyver an lyha? Is the book the smallest?
A wertha ev onyon yr? Did he used to sell fresh onion?
A ny brenes jy pasti an lyha. Didn't you used to buy the smallest pasty?
Ny wra hi gwertha kig mogh kottha. She does not sell older pork.
A ny yllowgh hwi gweles myrgh krev? Can't you see a strong daughter?
A allas hi gul chi an toemma? Could she make the warmer house?
A brenas ev gwin y'n chi byghan? Did he buy wine in the small house?
Ty a gar dewdhek karr. You love twelve cars.
Ev a wela benyn gwann. He used to see a weak woman.
Ev a allas kara pympthek maw. He could love fifteen boys.
Hi a allas dybri ervin yr. She could eat fresh turnip.
Ny ladh ev hwetek bugh. He doesn't kill sixteen cows.
Ev a wela pasti y'n hwedhel. He used to see a pasty in the story.
I a dheberas aval-dor heb hwedhel an hirra. They ate potato without the longest story.
Ni a wrug kara chi war chi. We loved house on house.
My a yll gwertha chi gans diwros koth. I can sell a house with an old bicycle.
Ny brena ev hwedhel yn-dann karr. He didn't used to buy a story under a car.
Ny allas ev kara margh. He couldn't love a horse.
Hwi a gara agas mowes. You used to love your girl.
My a welas hy horev byghan. I saw her small beer.
Ni a ylla kara dha ji. We used to be able to love your house.
I a ylla gweles agas arghans da. They used to be able to see your good money
Ny welas ev dha gath. He didn't see your cat.
Ty a wela dha ervin y'n pasti. You used to see your turnip in the pasty.
I a brena aga bugh yn-dann gerlyver an kottha. They used to buy their cow under the oldest dictionary.
My a ylla prena gwin war y hogh. I used to be able to buy wine on his pig.
My a wrug gwertha pasti heb aga horev yr. I sold a pasty without their fresh beer.
Ny werthsowgh hwi arghans heb agas gwin. You didn't sell money without your wine.
Ny yll hi dybri y aval-dor. She couldn't eat his potato.
An myrgh a brenas nownsek bugh. The daughter bought nineteen cows.
An mab a allas gwertha bardhonieth hirra. The son could sell longer poetry.
War chi y prenas hi an chi. On a house she bought the house.
Gans karr y karons i pympthek bardhonieth. With a car they love fifteen poems.
Dha vaw a gara den drog. Your boy used to like a bad man.
Agan margh a vynn kara chi an toemma. Our horse wants to love the warmest house.
Ny eva an bugh chi da. The cow doesn't drink a good house.
An korev hag a gerydh jy. The beer that you love.
An korev na welen vy. The beer that I didn't used to see.

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