Skrifenn Trydhek - Kernewek Jynn-Amontya 3 - Writing Thirteen - Computer Cornish 3


06 May 2010 - MawKernewek

Here's some more computer generated Cornish phrases:

Piw a wela an karr? - Who used to see the car?
Piw a garas an lyver ma? - Who liked this book?
Yw an mamm skav? - Is the mother fast?
Yw an korev le? - Is the beer smaller?
A nyns yw an oen toemm? - Isn't the lamb warm?
Yw an chi an nowyttha? - Is the house the newest?
A brenowgh hwi kig mogh drog? Do you buy bad pork?
A ny brenewgh hwi arghans an lyha. Didn't you used to buy the smallest money?
Ny allsyn ni gul seyth chi le. We couldn't make seven smaller houses.
A ny yllons i prena arghans drog? Don't they buy bad money?
A vynnsyn ni gweles margh an berra? Didn't we see the shortest horse?
A wrussys jy trydhek kyttrin heb an margh hir? Did you make thirteen buses without the long horse?
Ni a wela tri karr. We used to see three cars.
Ty a wel arghans da. You see good money.
Hwi a vynnas dybri oen. You wanted to eat lamb.
Ev a ylla prena bewin yr. He used to be able to buy fresh beef.
Ny gara ev kig yar. He didn't used to like chicken
Ni a gara kig yar gans an aval-dor. We used to like chicken with the potato.
I a lywa jynn-tenna war karr an lenta. They used to drive a tractor on the slowest car.
Ni a yll ladha benyn war den. We can kill a woman on a man
Ni a allas marghogeth margh yn gerlyver koth. We could ride a horse in the old dictionary.
Ny brena ev bugh heb diwros. He didn't used to buy a cow without a bicycle.
Ny vynnens i kara margh. They didn't used to want to like a horse.
Hi a welas ow fasti. She saw my pasty.
Hi a wre ow bardhonieth nowydh. She used to make my new poetry
I a wrug gweles y dhiwros. They saw his bicycle.
Hwi a yll kara agan chi krev. You can like our strong house.
Ny brensyn ni agan jynn-tenna. We didn't buy our tractor.
Ev a brenas y basti war an pasti. He bought his pasty on the pasty.
Hi a werthas aga arghans heb pasti an gwella. She sold their money without the best pasty.
Ty a wra gweles chi heb agas chi. You can see a house without your house.
Hwi a ylla kara arghans yn-dann agan jynn-tenna koth. You used to be able to like money under our old tractor.
Ny welav vy korev yn-dann ow aval-dor. I don't see beer under my potato.
Ny ylla hi gwertha agan chi. She didn't used to sell our house.
An benyn a brena onyon. The woman who used to buy onion.
An bugh a allas kara arghans gwell. The cow who could like better money.
Yn lyver y karen vy an ervin. In a book I used to love the turnip
Yn jynn-tenna y eva hi gwin. In a tractor she used to drink wine.
Agas margh a ladha kath drog. Your horse used to kill a bad cat
Agas hogh a wra ladha tas an gwettha. Your pig kills the worst father.
Ny welas an mowes pasti byghan. The girl didn't see the small pasty
An kath hag a ladha ev. The cat that he used to kill.
An korev na brensyn ni. The beer that we didn't buy

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