Skrifenn Hwetek Kernewek Jynn-amontya 4 - Writing 16 - Computer Cornish 4


05 Jun 2010 - MawKernewek

Piw a bren an arghans? - Who buys the money
Piw a garas an jynn-diwros na? Who loved that bicycle
Yw an arghans byghan? - Is the money small?
Yw an korev kottha? - Is the beer older
A nyns yw an pasti koth? - Isn't the pasty old?
Yw an pasti an toemma? Is the pasty the warmest?
A welas ev peswar myrgh koth? Did he see four old horses?
A ny bren hi chi an yeynna. Didn't she buy the coldest house?
Ny yllsys jy gweles naw mowes brassa. You couldn't see nine larger girls.
A ny vynn hi gweles bugh gwann? Didn't she want to see a weak cow?
A wrug ev prena bewin an kottha? Did he buy the oldest beef?
A brensys jy trydhek bardhonieth gans an pasti yeyn? Did you buy thirteen poetries with the cold pasty?
My a wertha oen. I used to sell lamb
Hwi a wre diwros bras. You used to make a large bicycle.
Hwi a wrug kara seytek bugh. You did love seventeen cows.
Hwi a allas kara tas koth. You could love old father.
Ny dheberas ev ugens pasti. He didn't eat twenty pasties.
I a wel chi heb an karr. They see a house without the car
Ev a wrug margh yn kyttrin an lenta. He made a horse in the slowest bus
I a wre kara onyon war margh. They used to like onion on a horse.
I a vynn ladha mab gans arghans da. They want to kill a son with good money.
Ny bren hi karr heb chi. She doesn't buy a car without a house
Ny wren vy prena chi. I didn't used to buy a house
My a bren ow arghans. I buy my money.
Hi a brena dha hwedhel hir. She used to buy your long story
Hwi a wra prena agan pasti. You buy our pasty
My a wra gwertha dha vewin da. I sell your good beef.
Ny garen vy ow chi. I didn't used to like my house
Ty a welas hy maw yn-dann an bardhonieth. You saw her son under the poetry.
My a wel y vardhonieth yn-dann onyon an gwettha. I see his poetry under the worst onion.
Hi a vynnas gul korev yn y basti. She wanted to make beer in his pasty.
Ev a yll gweles oen gans aga fasti da. He can see lamb with their good pasty.
Ny werthes jy karr yn-dann dha oen. You didn't sell a car under your lamb.
Ny ylla ev gwertha ow horev. He wasn't used to be able to sell my beer.
An hwoer a werthas pymp karr. The sister sold five cars
An myrgh a wre gweles aval-dor le. The horse used to see a smaller potato
Yn pasti y prenewgh hwi an kyttrin. In a pasty you bought the bus.
Yn jynn-tenna y hwelsons i korev. In a tractor they saw their beer.
Ow hwoer a dheberas bewin toemm. My sister ate warm beer.
Agan den a vynn gweles chi an gwanna. Our man wants to see the weakest house.
Ny gar an margh bugh skav. The horse doesn't like a fast cow.
An karr hag a brensys jy. The car that you bought
An gwin na wela hi. The wine she didn't used to see.

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