Skrifenn Seytek - Kernewek Jynn-amontya 5 - Writing 17 - Computer Cornish 5


15 Oct 2010 - MawKernewek

Ny vynnewgh hwi kara tri jynn-diwros kottha Didn't you want to like three older motorcycles?
Yw an jynn-tenna drog? - Is the tractor bad?
Yw an ervin an yrra? - Is the turnip the freshest?
Yw an karr le? - Is the car smaller?
Yw an chi gwann? - Is the house weak?
A ny dhybren ni pasti an toemma? - Did we not used to eat the warmest pasty?
Yw an gwin an gwella? - Is the wine the best?
Yw an margh an gwettha?- Is the horse the worst?
A werth ev aval-dor heb an arghans da? - Does he sell a potato without the good money?
A wrens i gweles diwros an berra? - Did they used to see the shortest bicycle?
A wrussowgh hwi drehevel chi an gwanna? - Did you build the weakest house?
A wren ni gweles oen an kottha? - Did we used to see the oldest lamb?
My a vynn gul aga jynn-diwros byghan. - I want to make their small motorcycle.
An ervin na brenen ni. - The turnip we didn't use to buy.
Ny werthis vy arghans yn-dann hogh. - I didn't sell money under a pig.
Hi a ylla dybri pasti yn ow chi. - She used to be able to eat a pasty in my house.
My a wre ladha agas mamm berr. - I used to kill your short mother.
My a wela ow onyon. - I used to see my onion.
Ny vynn'ta prena onyon. - You don't want to buy onion.
Ny brensyn ni hy arghans. We didn't buy her money.
My a vynna kara onan bugh. - I used to want to like one cow.
Hwi a wre dha lyver. - You used to make your book.
I a wra gweles pasti heb mamm hir. - They will see a pasty without a tall mother.
Hi a brena pasti war arghans an kottha. - She used to buy a pasty on the oldest money.
Hi a vynna gweles mowes gans chi berr. - She used to want to see a girl with a short house.
I a vynna gul karr byghan. - They used to make a little car.
Hi a wel tri bugh. - She sees three cows.
Ny evis vy korev gans onyon. - I didn't drink beer with onion.
I a vynn gweles korev heb agan gwin. - They want to see beer without our wine.
Ny yv an bugh onyon byghan. - The cow doesn't drink the small onion.
Ev a wrug gweles margh heb pasti toemm. - He saw a horse without a warm pasty.
My a dhebera peswar pasti. - I used to eat four pasties.
I a welas y arghans gans an margh. - They saw his money with the horse.
Ev a allas kara karr yn agan bardhonieth. - He could like a car in our poetry
Hwi a gara arghans war chi an gwanna. - You used to like money on the weakest house.
An chi hag a brensowgh hwi. - The house that you bought.
An lyver na garons i. - The book they didn't like.
Hwi a welas agas lyver heb an chi. - You saw your book without the house.
Hwi a wra gweles peswardhek kyttrin. - You will see fourteen buses.
Ny wren vy korev. - I didn't used to make beer.
I a welas gwin heb an pasti. - They saw wine without the pasty.
Ni a vynn gweles margh war aga bugh. - We want to see a horse on their cow.
An diwros hag a brenas hi. - The bicycle that she bought.

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