The Doggerland Reclaimation Project


15 Jan 2015 - MawKernewek

As an entry to John Michael Greer's Great Squirrel Case Challenge (the name based on a proposal by high-school debaters in Seattle to generate the USA's electricity by vast numbers of squirrels turning wheels), here is my proposal for the world's most absurd energy solution:

The Doggerland Reclaimation project would use a series of dikes to allow the drainage of part of the North Sea using power generated by offshore wind farms along a dike from Aberdeen, Scotland to Bergen, Norway.

A second dike from Dover to Calais would allow water in to generate hydroelectric power. This would also carry a new motorway link to complement the Channel Tunnel and be linked to a new container port to replace Rotterdam and Hamburg.

The lowered sea would make the shallower southern part of the North Sea dry land which would be planted with fast-growing conifers for wood-chip biofuel power plants.

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