Lots of planets have a North


19 Oct 2015 - MawKernewek

Here is the North of Mars, showing the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera tiles used in my MSc dissertation, colour-coded by elevation, but also with the output of the Bayesian classifier measuring the similarity to Colin Souness's glacial form.

This is possibly a bit too colourful and the classifier output isn't really useful at this scale. The segmented DTM has red indicating similarity to glacier 'head' areas, green for 'context' areas (9x area of extent) and blue for extents.

I use QGIS to blend the elevation with an underlying nadir image also from HRSC with "Hard Light". I am not sure whether the developers of QGIS intended the Red Dwarf reference.

The coordinates are in an equirectangular projection in metres optimised for a standard latitude of 40°.

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