Mars mid-latitude glaciers map index page


17 Nov 2015 - MawKernewek

Here is a graphical index to my posts on the mid-latitude Souness GLFs. These are the objects discussed in Souness et al. 2012. They are shown in white here but not really visible at this scale. Each box is a link to my previous blog post on that zone. The various Mars Express HRSC tiles where a digital elevation model is available are outlined in black. I have used an equicylindrical coordinate system with standard parallel 40°.

The yellow crosses show the prospective landing sites for ExoMars, the thick one is the primary landing site of Oxia Planum for a 2019 landing, the two other crosses for Mawrth Vallis and Aram Dorsum which remain in contention for a delayed 2021 landing.

Hopefully the boxes are appearing in the right places.

See also a larger version (1600x800px) of this index page at my website.

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