Atmospheric correction of Sentinel 2 images


06 Jun 2016 - MawKernewek

I recently downloaded the Sentinel Application Platform including the Sentinel 2 Toolbox.

This looks to be a fairly fully featured image processing program, but what I was most interested in doing is the atmospheric correction for the Sentinel2 images I recently downloaded.

The Sentinel 2 'sen2cor' plugin accomplishes this, which wasn't too difficult to install, making use of anaconda to manage the various dependencies. Once I managed to get the environment variables set, and have it find all of the libraries it pretty much just worked.

After this, I tried using my own script for stacking the bands, which came out with a non-georeferenced image. I then noticed I could save the layerstacked image as a GeoTIFF/BigTIFF from within SNAP. A single 'granule' of Sentinel2 resampled to 10m produced a 9GB GeoTIFF, so I converted to KEA with gdal_translate.

Sentinel 2 image processed to Level2A, with SNAP and sen2cor. Bands B11/B8/B4
Zooming in on the Truro area. Penryn can be seen at the lower-left.

Using my rsgislib-landexplorer program to juxtapose geotagged ground-level images with Sentinel2
The same as above, but the non-atmosphere corrected version of the Sentinel2 image.

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