Welsh language internet memes


11 Aug 2016 - MawKernewek

Here's a few captioned pictures in Welsh I put out on clecs.cymru (like Twitter, but in Welsh) previously and a couple of Cornish ones:

Based on the song Can y Cardi

Mae Powys yn wlad fawr iawn. Scattered towns separated by vast tracts of conifers...
Mae e yn Forg!
A typical summer Saturday on the main train line through Cornwall. In Cornish it is not recommended to use "war an tren", instead "y'n tren" if you are indeed travelling inside the carriage.
This may look similar to a screenshot from Poldark but it is in fact from the Cornish version of Lord of the Rings, in a scene showing the hobbits in the Old Forest (An Hen Goeswik or An Goeswik Goth).

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