Text to speech in Cornish


15 Aug 2016 - MawKernewek

The program espeak offers text to speech in a variety of languages, not yet Cornish, but I have made a bit of a hack that allows Cornish text to be spoken by it.

There is a Welsh language voice for it, and I have created a script that processes Cornish text doing a series of replaces to make it conform to Welsh spelling rules.

It would be possible to get espeak to speak Cornish directly by creating a Cornish voice for it, and I did start doing this a long time ago, but unfortunately lost this work along with my previous laptop.

The GUI launcher currently only works in Linux-compatible systems, because it launches espeak via the command-line via the Python os library. However espeak itself is also available for Windows and I will adapt the script to work on Windows dreckly.

The first quote as an mp3 file. The second is generated by pressing the "Gorhemmyn" button, and an appropriate greeting is chosen according to the system clock.

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