Cornish Corpus analysis GUI


29 Aug 2016 - MawKernewek

I have now written a GUI module to provide some basic analysis functionality on the corpus of Cornish.

I have included the traditional texts, using the versions from plus the Solempnyta short story by Ben Bruch and part of the translation of Lord of the Rings by Jerry Jeffries.

Choose the text on the menu at the left, and select which function to use in the menu in the next panel. In this case "Rol Menowghder Ger" has been selected, which provides a list of the most frequent words. It can be selected how many words to list, and to specify a minimum number of letters in words to be listed.
The next option "Hirder Geryow" provides a cumulative frequency diagram for the lengths of words. This can be produced for all texts, or for one text at a time.

The option "Menowghder Ger (tresenn barr)" provide the option to add words to a list using the lower entry bar in the middle panel, and then press the "Dalleth" button to draw a grouped bar chart, comparing the frequency of a specified list of words across the various texts, or a single text.

Output showing the frequency of the numerals from 1 - 8 in the texts. The number 8 "eth" may not be the numeral since it is a part of the verb "to go" as well which is likely to be the more common use. Similarly "dew" could be a mutated form of the word "tew" (fat).

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