Gul Dukat wins 2374 Galactic Presidential election with Brunt as VP


12 Nov 2016 - MawKernewek

Campaign poster showing Gul Dukat and Brunt. Background from APOD by Rogelio Bernal Andreo.
The shock victory of Gul Dukat and Liquidator Brunt in the galactic presidential election has left the Federation wondering if Earth will reconsider plans to leave the Federation following the referendum in which the population narrowly voted to do so.
Although it is now eight Earth years since the Earth voted by 52% to 48% to leave the Federation, the President of Earth has not invoked Article 50 of the planet's membership treaty and is in battle over whether she can do so without a vote in the Planetary Assembly. The Earth orbital and lunar colonies strongly voted remain. The First Minister of Luna is advocating an independence referendum and several asteroid colonies are exploring transferring to Martian jurisdiction which has its own Federation membership.

Losing access to the Federation single market would make Earth more vulnerable to economic exploitation by the Ferengi.

The Leave campaign is now widely regarded as overestimating the amount of dilithium contributed to the Federation budget by Earth.

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