Dinosaur - Arghpedrevan


27 Mar 2020 - MawKernewek

In Gerlyver Meur, the word given for "dinosaur" is 'arghpedrevan'. This is also the word used in the standard written form online dictionary

'pedrevan' is the word for "lizard" and relates to its behaviour of walking on all fours. However modern paleontology has placed the dinosaurs much closer to modern birds, and even will refer to the former as "non-avian dinosaurs" and "avian dinosaurs". It was formerly thought that the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, but it is now thought the "non-avian dinosaurs" became extinct 66 million years ago.

The English-Cornish dictionary of Nicholas Williams offers:

Welsh uses dinosor:

More recently words for "avian dinosaur" and "non-avian dinosaur" are on termau.cymru#dinosaur

Therefore in Cornish, the following could perhaps be offered? I am assuming that the SWF would use dinosor rather than the spelling dinosaur.

  • Avian dinosaur - 'dinosor edhnek' 
  • Non-avian dinosaur - 'dinosor anedhnek'

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