Inflecting Verbs

The module allows Cornish verbs to be inflected for person and tense based on the rules of the grammar as specified in A Grammar of Modern Cornish, 3rd ed. (Wella Brown, 2001) and Cornish Verbs, 3rd ed. (Kesva an Taves Kernewek, 2010). The code undoubtably still has bugs and may not yet implement all types of verb however it is now available at my repository. The function inflektya takes arguments of the verb, tense, person and whether to use suffixed pronouns. The module also provides a facility to inflect a number of prepositions for person.

Example output

Showing some example output for the regular verb prena (to buy) and also for the irregular verb bos (to be), with suffixed pronouns, which can be omitted, used, or the emphatic versions used:

Amser: A-lemmyn                          Present
anpersonek    : prenir
1s            : prenav vy
2s            : prenydh jy
3sm           : pren ev
3sf           : pren hi
1pl           : prenyn ni
2pl           : prenowgh hwi
3pl           : prenons i
Verb BOS:

Amser: A-lemmyn                          Present
anpersonek    : or
1s            : ov vy
2s            : os jy
3sm           : yw ev
3sf           : yw hi
1pl           : on ni
2pl           : owgh hwi 
3pl           : yns i

Amser: A-lemmyn_hir_indef   Present (long form, indefinite)
anpersonek    : eder
1s            : esov vy
2s            : esos jy
3sm           : eus ev
3sf           : eus hi
1pl           : eson ni
2pl           : esowgh hwi
3pl           : esons i

Amser: Anperfydh_hir        Imperfect (long form)
anpersonek    : eses
1s            : esen vy
2s            : eses jy
3sm           : esa ev
3sf           : esa hi
1pl           : esen ni
2pl           : esewgh hwi
3pl           : esens i


Choose the tense, person and whether to include suffixed pronouns with the radio buttons on the left, enter the verb and press 'Inflektya Verb' to see the inflected form.