Souness Glacier-like Form Top Trumps

This is a webpage detailing Martian glacier-like forms from the work of Colin Souness in his PhD and subsequent research paper (Souness et al. 2012).

The information on each glacier-like form comes from the data table attached to the paper, with links to Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera, and Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter HiRISE coverage in their vicinities found by myself.

In the course of my dissertation, I generated polygon extents of the Souness GLFs based on the head, centre, terminus, and left and right mid-channel locations given by Souness, assuming a constant channel width. which are presented below overlaid on the HRSC nadir image or DTM where this is available.

Where there is overlap between the extent of the Souness GLF itself and the HiRISE footprint, the link to the HiRISE image or anaglyph is shown in bold.

Index page, with links to a list of HiRISE 3D anaglyphs overlapping or in the vicinity of Souness glacier-like forms, and a list of HiRISE DTMs near Souness objects.

Warning: Under construction.

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MRO Context Camera image:
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HiRISE coverage:
Bold type denotes overlap with extent, normal with wider context area.
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Elevation (mean of buffer from Souness et al. 2012):
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Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera (link to HRSCView at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin) data courtesy of the European Space Agency.

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