Mines of Cornwall

Some time ago I compiled a list of the mines in Cornwall and geocoded them in Google Fusion Tables to map them.
I have recently revised it to load the data in KML files via Leaflet.js, due to the death of Google Fusion Tables. The KML files based on the export from Fusion Tables are read using the leaflet-kml plugin. Currently, the colours are not displaying in the small markers, however there is a version of each map created using Fusion Tables Archive Tool linked to beneath each map which has the original styling preserved. The old version of this page using Google Fusion tables is no longer working as of 3rd Dec 2019.

The data about the mines and their locations came from several sources including The Metalliferous Mining Region of South-West England (Dines, 1956), The Mineral Statistics of the United Kingdom 1845-1913, vol. 7 Cornwall (Burt et al. 1987), and Mining Sites in Cornwall & South West Devon Vols 1 & 2 (Barry Atkinson 1988, 1994).


I use the white icons to indicate mines that were primarily tin mines, and yellow ones for copper mines.
Blue icons are lead mines, red iron, green arsenic, brown antimony, turquoise silver, grey zinc or manganese, purple sulphur, and tungsten shown with a W.
Large icons are used for mines with > 1000 tons of tin recorded, > 5000 tons of copper, > 2000 tons As, > 500 tons S (pyrite), > 750 tons Zn, > 500 tons Pb, > 200 tons W, > 1500 tons Mn, > 2000 tons Fe, > 100000 oz. Ag, as recorded in Dines.
I do not guarantee the following to be error-free.


Click on the buttons below to toggle the display of each district.
St. Just
St. Ives
Mount's Bay
Camborne + Redruth
St. Agnes
St. Austell