The module contains a fuction that mutates a given word, when given the state to mutate it to. The example below shows the Cornish word kath (cat) undergoing soft mutation as it does after the definite article an to become an gath, as a feminine singular noun.

See also an experimental Javascript version

Example usage:

>> import mutatya
>> print mutatya.mutate("kath",2)
>> gath


Choose the mutation state with the radio buttons on the left, enter the word and press 'Mutatya' to see the mutated form.

Reverse Mutation

The 7 (kildreylyans) option reverses mutation, and finds any possible original words that the input could have been before mutation, and which mutations could have produced it. This doesn't check whether such input would be a valid Cornish word, or that the specific mutation is gramattically possible.

Traditional spelling

The tick box labelled Lytherennans hengovek (SWF/T) results in mutation output following the spelling rules of the Traditional variant of the Standard Written Form of Cornish.