Cornish Sentence Generator

I created a Python program that generates random Cornish sentences, based on pre-defined structures, and drawing vocabulary randomly from categorised lists, in a way that is basically a context-free grammar not very rigourously defined. This is available in the sentence_generator folder at my Github repository. There is a script available to add further nouns and verbs interactively at the command-line, however the range of semantic categories currently available does not cover all potential words. Some example output is shown below.

python --english
Yw an karr an lyha? - Is the car the smallest?
Yw an diwros an glassa? - Is the bicycle the greenest?
A ny yll ev gweles diwros lent? - Do not he can see slow bicycle?
A hedhsowgh hwi seyth jynn-tenna gans an oen toemm? - Do you stoped seven tractors with the warm lamb?
Piw a werth an melin na? - Who sells that mill?
A garas ev unnek pitsa drog? - Do he liked eleven bad pizzas?
Yw an diwros an brassa? - Is the bicycle the bigest?
Ny wrav vy prena seyth krowji gwanna? - Not I do buy seven weaker cottages?
Yw an strus kottha? - Is the ostrich older?
A nyns yw an karr skav? - Isn't the car fast?
Yw an lyver brassa? - Is the book biger?
A erghewgh hwi horev gans an jynn-tenna skav? - Do you used to order beer with the fast tractor?
Aga margh a gar keus yr. - Their horse likes fresh cheese.
An lew a gara bewin. - The lion used to like beef.
Ni a yll kara oen heb y ervin koth. - We can like lamb without his old turnip.
An ki na elwis vy. - The dog not I called.
Ny garas hi unnek jynn-tenna. - Not she liked eleven tractors.
Hwi a yll kasa seytek karr. - You can hate seventeen cars.
Ny dhynnerghewgh hwi dew oen. - Not you used to welcome two lambs.
Ny welas an vyajer margh lent. - Not saw the traveller slow horse.
Ow fenn-gwynn a welas lyther byghan. - My penguin saw small letter.
An marner a welas deg lyther. - The sailor saw ten letters.
An medhyk hag a ladha ev. - The doctor that he used to kill.
An ombrofyer nep a hedhsons i. - The candidate who they stoped.
Ni a wre gweles den war agan jynn-diwros skav. - We used to do see man on our fast motorcycle.
Ny gasa an maw Kerneweger drog. - Not used to hate the boy bad Cornish speaker.
Ni a evas ow horev war an pasti. - We drank my beer on the pasty.
Ty a ylla dybri aga ervin. - You used to be able to eat their turnip.
I a wel gwin gans mowes an folla. - They see wine with the foolishest girl.
Ty a vynn gweles kath yn aga fitsa bras. - You want to see cat in their big pizza.
Aga fenn-gwynn a dheber kig mogh drog. - Their penguin eats bad pork.
Ny lesksys jy bewin. - Not you burned beef.
I a ladha hogh tont. - They used to kill cheeky pig.
Ev a evas korev. - He drank beer.
Ny allsons i gweles karr. - Not they could see car.
An skrifennyades na ladhowgh hwi. - The secretary not you kill.
I a gar ow hoffiji gans an myghtern. - They like my café with the king.
My a ylla gweles oen yn-dann karr hir. - I used to be able to see lamb under long car.
Hwi a vynnas kasa hy fasti drog. - You wanted to hate her bad pasty.
Y benn-gwynn a vynn kasa medhyk an gwettha. - His penguin wants to hate the worst doctor.
Ni a garas nownsek diwotti. - We liked nineteen pubs.
An lew a welas kig yar. - The lion saw chicken.
Ny werthsons i hy hlavji. - Not they selled her hospital.