Transliteration Kernewek Kemmyn to Standard Written Form

The module makes use of the syllable segmentation module to segment Cornish text in Kernewek Kemmyn, and then make relevant changes to the spelling in order to convert from Kemmyn to Standard Written Form. This module only makes the changes one way, from Kemmyn to SWF. The SWF 'Main' form is used.


Enter Cornish text in Kernewek Kemmyn in the upper box, and transliterate with the 'Treuslythernna KK --> FSS' button. There are several modes, short mode where only the standard written form text is output, line mode where KK and SWF text are shown interlinearly, and long mode, where the syllable segmentation details are shown.
After an update to the GUI code, there is now a copy to clipboard button available, and the radio buttons are relocated to allocate more of the window to the main input and output boxes.