Dynnargh dhe'm gwiasva.

Welcome to my website.

Davydh Trethewey ov vy, my a gows Kernewek ha towlenna yn Python.

I am David Trethewey, Cornish speaker, and programmer in Python (mainly).

This website will show my progress on natural language processing tools for Cornish (Kernewek), a Celtic language spoken fluently by several hundred and with a few thousand having some knowledge of the language. In past times, the language was spoken throughout Cornwall but over the centuries the language declined until there were very few speakers by the late 18th century.

I have mostly used Python to code these tools, including the Natural Language Toolkit library.

Nowedh! - Emojis Kernewek

New! - Cornish Emojis

On my work on the data for the new Cornish dictionary, I gave a presentation to the Wikimedia Celtic Knot 2019 conference.

As a spin-off from this, I used the Python unicodedata module to match the English glosses of each Cornish word to the character names of all Unicode characters.

You can see the results of doing so in Emojis Kernewek.

Map of Yeth an Werin meetings

I have created a map of the Yeth an Werin meetings of Cornish speakers around Cornwall (and beyond).

Mines in Cornwall

I also made a series of maps of the mining districts of Cornwall, from various book sources. Here are maps of the various mining districts in Cornwall.

Maps of Cornwall in Cornish

I have produced some maps of Cornwall labelled with placenames in the Cornish language, made in QGIS.

Martian Glaciers

Based on the work of my MSc dissertation in Aberystwyth, there are some webpages showing distribution of Colin Souness' catalogue of Martian glacier-like forms. See global, hemispherical, and regional maps, which show the general distribution of the objects, and the Mars Express images and digital elevation data used in the dissertation. There is also a Javascript Top Trumps page detailing each individual object.

Aberystwyth Shipping Records

Transcribed records from the National Library of Wales (www.llgc.org.uk/en/collections/activities/research/nlw-data/aberystwyth-shipping-records-dataset) for vessels registered in the port of Aberystwyth. This page details the reading of the data programmatically and plotting some summary data.