Zoomable map of St. Keverne parish

Test Version

This is a test version of a zoomable map, based on the printed maps in the Kesva an Taves Kernewek book of placenames of St. Keverne. These appeared in the book in black and white at A5.

There are separate renderings at different zoom levels to allow larger labels when zoomed out etc. - though this is still being fine-tuned.

Clickable markers have now been added, to switch them on click on the icon at top-right.

Some additional placenames that were not included in the final booklet are also available, though only such places with at least a 6 figure grid reference recorded in the data, and a Cornish name recorded are included.

The booklet itself is available from the shop Kowsva at Krestir (Heartlands), Pool and to order online from the Kowethas website.