This provides a larger version of the index map of Martian glacier-like forms from Souness et al. 2012 that I originally posted on my blog.

In this version, the image of Mars, projected in an equicylindrical coordinate system with standard parallel of 40┬░ latitude, is 1600x800 pixels rather than 800x400. The Mars Express HRSC tiles that I used in my MSc dissertation work are outlined in black. These are not all of the HRSC DTMs, just the ones that have the best available resolution for the 1309 Souness catalogue objects. See also HRSCview at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, or HRSC at Planetary Data System Geosciences Node.

ExoMars candidate landing sites are marked by yellow crosses, the primary landing site for 2019, Oxia Planum with a thicker cross.

The locations of the Souness et. al GLFs are marked with light blue crosses, taking the centre lat/long from the catalogue of the paper.

The first map has a blend of the Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera mosaic and colourised elevation, and the second solely colourised elevation.

The boxes provide links to my blog posts on each of the various regions of Mars.

The background is derived from the Mars Orbiter Camera mosaic from Mars Global Surveyor, overlaid with colourised MOLA elevation and a hillshaded MOLA layer. An alternative version showing only a colourised hillshaded MOLA elevation map, is shown below to avoid confusion between elevation and intrinsic brightness in the colour ramp.