Regional Mars Maps

I show specific regions of Mars, based on the regions I used for my index map

I show the HRSC DTM tiles in outline, with the data from the Mars Global Surveyor MOC image mosaic with the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter topography used via colour coding. The Souness et al. 2012 glaciers are shown with their extents outlined.

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

SE Highlands

Individual pages for the Souness glacier-like forms in this region can be found below

With classifier results

There are 34 Souness GLFs in the Southeastern highlands region of Mars southern hemisphere. See for a scatterplot.

Histogram by elevation of Souness GLFs in Southeastern highlands region
Displaying the histogram of numbers of Souness GLFs as a function of elevation within the SE Highlands region.

Links to individual pages on Souness GLFs in this region

Souness 899
Souness 900
Souness 901
Souness 902
Souness 903
Souness 904
Souness 905
Souness 906
Souness 907
Souness 908
Souness 909
Souness 910
Souness 911
Souness 912
Souness 913
Souness 914
Souness 915
Souness 916
Souness 917
Souness 918
Souness 919
Souness 920
Souness 921
Souness 922
Souness 923
Souness 924
Souness 925
Souness 926
Souness 927
Souness 928
Souness 929
Souness 930
Souness 931
Souness 932
Souness 933
Souness 1270

Links to HiRISE images with Cornish titles

As part of the HiRISE Kernewek website at the University of Arizona, the following HiRISE images have been described in Cornish. Some have red/blue 3D analgyphs which have not yet had Cornish titles added.

Godhesow Kloridek yn Mysk Karygi Arenep
Lat: -30, Long: 130
Drumm yn Eridania Scopulus
Lat: -52, Long: 141
Manylyon Leur a Gowdoll y'n Kres-Dorlesow Dyghow
Lat: -39, Long: 157
Kowdoll y’n Kres-Dorlesow Soth
Lat: -24, Long: 164
Gwynsellow yn Kowdoll dhe'n West a Maadim Vallis
Lat: -27, Long: 171
Nansow Berr ha Bas
Lat: -41, Long: 172
Dorslynk Ogas dhe Maadim Vallis
Lat: -21, Long: 175

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