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Tayberry producing plenty of spring growth, as well as the chillis and peppers

Apr 14, 2018

The weather has at last warmed up a bit, and my plants outside are showing some spring growth.

My tayberry plant in particular is now producing plenty of leaves, and there are some flower buds already, so I'm looking forward to some fruit later in the year.

My chilli and pepper seedlings have grown further as well.

These daffodils remain in flower, the smaller ones in the other troughs are now largely finished.

This hanging basket previously contained geraniums which died, this year I am putting some annuals in includig California poppy (Eschscholzia), and dwarf sunflower.

The tayberry in the metal olive tin, showing plenty of spring growth on the 2 long shoots that appeared last year.

In the round black pot, there is a Oregon thornless blackberry, a gooseberry next to it, and various plants in the mini-greenhouse.

The hanging basket contains mint, oregano, parsley, and alpine strawberry.

Various chilli and pepper plants on the middle shelf. Some of these became waterlogged, I overwatered them I think. I'll open the front a bit during warmer conditions to allow them to get a bit more ventilation.

The top shelf is mostly occupied by cherry tomatoes.

Sunflowers, and dwarf runner bean seedlings.

My two Chilean guava (Ugni Molinae) plants.

A Biquinho Red, Peppadew and one from my own seeds I collected last year, recently moved from multi-cell trays to their own pots.

Many more chilli and sweet pepper seedlings in the multi-cell trays

cactus seedlings


Chilli and pepper seedlings continuing to grow

Apr 5, 2018

My chilli and pepper seedlings are continuing to grow well. Some of them are out in my mini-greenhouse, however some are also still inside filling up my dining table.

Two trays full of Biquinho Red sweet peppers. 

A tray of Trinidad Perfume peppers on the right, with 2 trays of Peppadew behind it, with some seedlings from seeds from my own plants as well.
In total I have 210 seedlings at present.

Cornwall council sets aside £10 million for its birthday next year in 2019

Apr 1, 2018

Cornwall council has today announced that it has set aside £10 million for its 10th birthday celebrations as a unitary authority on 1st April 2019

Plans include murals on Lys Kernow, a special committee formed of those children born in Cornwall on the same day as the Cornwall Council unitary authority who will design a monument, and a world record largest saffron cake for its birthday cake.
Rumours that the children's committee will be bribed so that the monument will be a larger than life statue of Cllr Bert Biscoe on Trafalgar roundabout gesturing towards the bus lane were denied by the Politburo. 

Criticised over the cost of the birthday celebration, and being asked where the money is coming from for this, the leader of the council mumbled something incomprehensible and another councillor said we'll use one of the council farms and plant magic money trees on them.

Cllr Loveday Jenkin however pointed out that magic money trees are not frost hardy and require about 10 years before fruiting so will need protection in winter.

concept of the large lettering to be mounted above the entrance to Lys Kernow

Tomato plant suffering from the cold

Mar 20, 2018

Unfortunately one of my tomato plants wasn't looking too healthy on the afternoon of the 19th March.

The hot water in the tandoori pot has generally kept the mini-greenhouse from freezing, but one of the cherry tomato plants was close to the side and in the path of some cold air coming in.

Around 5pm I moved this plant from the greenhouse to the windowsill.

An few hours later it had perked up a bit.

Snowfall in Cornwall

Mar 18, 2018

There was some snow in Cornwall today, here it is in Truro.

Despite placing the tandorri pot containing hot water in the greenhouse, by morning it had dropped to 1°C.
Around 10am. The temperature exceeded 5°C after a while (with new hot water in the pot)
Snow covering my parents greenhouse. Some echiums are sheltering in the greenhouse and chilli plants, which time will tell whether they come back from winter dormancy or remain in permament dormancy.

Sweet pea seedlings and a Chilean guava cutting.

Snow covering the glass

Dormant chilli plants.
Snow covering the hanging baskets

Strawberry plant covered in snow

The greenhouse covered with a fleece for the benefit of the tomatoes and chillis within

Snow covered plants again

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