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Chilli plant breeding

Aug 11, 2018

If there are any readers of this blog, apologies for not writing anything about my plants for a while. The tayberries were a success, and I had 2 and a bit jars of jam made which has almost all gone now unfortunately. If I get time I will write a bit about the stem cuttings I have made at some point.

Meanwhile my chilli plants have grown, and now some of them have been upgraded to larger pots.

I'll show three of my plants in more detail, these were all from seeds I collected from plants I grew last year, which came from a mixed pack of chilli seeds I bought in Mallets (also supplier of the Perak planters above which were on special offer).

In the mixed seed pack, I had four varieties but wasn't sure exactly what they were. As far as I can tell they were:

  • Some kind of habenero, the fruits I harvested last year had no seeds in, but I did overwinter some of these successfully and they seem to be fruiting better this year.
  • A jalapeno that ripened to dark green, which I didn't plant any seeds from, and none of which survived the winter.
  • A chilli plant that was quite large that produced fruits similar to the one in the middle above, green and eventually ripening to red. These plants all died over winter, but I had seeds from them, including the plant in the middle here. It looks similar to Anaheim.
  • A plant that had smaller green pods that ripened to yellow. I think this was probably either Golden Cayenne or Aji Limon. I overwintered one of these plants, and also collected seeds from some of them, although I only have 2 plants (including the one on the right) that were from seeds that didn't get mixed with the larger red chillis.

This plant, 18119 is an offspring of 1701, which has similar looking leaves, and fruits that start green and turn yellow.
This plant, 18187 is from seeds  from 1708 (similar to 1701) and 1715 (the large red Anaheim? chillis) which got mixed together before planting. The appearance of the plant is more like 1715.

This is 18157, which has long thin leaves quite reminiscent of 1701, but fruits that ripen to red. However they first turn yellow, which the Anaheim-type one didn't, they went straight from green to red.
 It is interesting that 18157 seems to show a mixture of characteristics of the yellow and the red chillis, so I wonder if this is cross-pollinated between the yellow and red chillis.

Hanging baskets growing well, and sweet peas starting to flower

Jun 4, 2018

3rd June 2018

Lots of growth in the hanging baskets

The Tayberry and thornless blackberry shoots at the top left
More of the tayberry, with sunflowers, and pepper plants on the ground
Sweet pea now in flower on the left
Lots of chilli/sweet pepper plants on the ground

Toscana strawberry

Strawberries, and Nicotiana in the lower basket

More nicotiana, nasturtium and California Poppy (Eschscholzia)

Tayberry in flower and progress of other plants

May 13, 2018

Since the last post, my tayberry plant has continued to grow well, and has now started to flower, so hopefully there'll be plenty of berries in a while.

Tayberry flowers are visible top-left.
The tayberry plant with two flowering shoots.

A Toscana strawberry plant in flower

Close-up of Toscana strawberry flowers.

some of the chilli seedlings in my mini-greenhouse

Dwarf sunflowers at the front. I've also just planted some coriander in some of the trays.

Some more of the chilli seedlings in the mini-greenhouse

Tayberry producing plenty of spring growth, as well as the chillis and peppers

Apr 14, 2018

The weather has at last warmed up a bit, and my plants outside are showing some spring growth.

My tayberry plant in particular is now producing plenty of leaves, and there are some flower buds already, so I'm looking forward to some fruit later in the year.

My chilli and pepper seedlings have grown further as well.

These daffodils remain in flower, the smaller ones in the other troughs are now largely finished.

This hanging basket previously contained geraniums which died, this year I am putting some annuals in includig California poppy (Eschscholzia), and dwarf sunflower.

The tayberry in the metal olive tin, showing plenty of spring growth on the 2 long shoots that appeared last year.

In the round black pot, there is a Oregon thornless blackberry, a gooseberry next to it, and various plants in the mini-greenhouse.

The hanging basket contains mint, oregano, parsley, and alpine strawberry.

Various chilli and pepper plants on the middle shelf. Some of these became waterlogged, I overwatered them I think. I'll open the front a bit during warmer conditions to allow them to get a bit more ventilation.

The top shelf is mostly occupied by cherry tomatoes.

Sunflowers, and dwarf runner bean seedlings.

My two Chilean guava (Ugni Molinae) plants.

A Biquinho Red, Peppadew and one from my own seeds I collected last year, recently moved from multi-cell trays to their own pots.

Many more chilli and sweet pepper seedlings in the multi-cell trays

cactus seedlings


Chilli and pepper seedlings continuing to grow

Apr 5, 2018

My chilli and pepper seedlings are continuing to grow well. Some of them are out in my mini-greenhouse, however some are also still inside filling up my dining table.

Two trays full of Biquinho Red sweet peppers. 

A tray of Trinidad Perfume peppers on the right, with 2 trays of Peppadew behind it, with some seedlings from seeds from my own plants as well.
In total I have 210 seedlings at present.

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